Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Jazzman.

My father has been a guitarist for many years and along the way he has made many friends. Over the last few years his "best bro" (for the lack of a less young-kid thing to say) and him started a band together, 45th Avenue. Ravi Subramoney is a well known musician in and around Durban and is also a resident actor in the hilarious comedy shows The Dingalings.

Tonight my Dad came home from his weekly band practice and called me to his room. He had just showed me the best gift that he had (and ever will) receive. His  friend Ravi had handcrafted him a guitar and had named it Jazzman after a song my father had written.
What an amazing gift. I just had to post this up on the blog. Art and music is fashion. But friendship is always in style.

"What a journey of joy and mistakes...I built it for a wonderful friend and brilliant musician who penned the song by the same name and many have heard its distinct African beat...Hey Mr. Jazzman play me a tune. It's been so long since we heard you play." - Ravi