Friday, 31 January 2014

TGIF Lunch

Lunch this Friday was at Luna Blue on Windermere Road. It may be small but the meals are bursting with flavour. They also have amazing specials. This week we had an Ala Thai pizza and the prawn special. The sauce on the prawns was to die for. We even ordered extra fries to dip. All around delicious.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Song of the day- Crazy in Love

Everybody needs a song that just gets them in the mood for the weekend.
My pick of the week is Beyonce' - Crazy in love.

Earlier this week I came across this video:
on Best of Vines, of this fabulous guy dancing to Crazy in Love, he just made me fall in love with this song all over again. This dude doesn't miss a beat. The booty hop never goes out of fashion guys! Happy Friday.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Monday, 27 January 2014

The Grammy Awards 2014 - WEIRD AND WONDERFUL

Best dress of the night without a doubt goes to Queen B, wearing Project Runways, Michael Costello.
Man did she look amazing. There's no doubt Jay Z is glad he "put a ring on it" as he mentioned in his in acceptance speech at last nights awards. Who can blame him when he's married to this stunner.

View Michael Costello's Facebook page here:

Daft Punk and their partner in crime Pharrell Williams stole the night literally! Seriously, how can two robots ever win so many Grammys??
Also, this was only the second live television performance by Daft Punk in history. Legendary Stevie Wonder also joined Daft Punk and Pharrell on stage for "Get Lucky".

Pharrell's weird hat even has it's now twitter account, follow it here:

 In other ridiculous events, TAYLOR SWIFT- from head banging, to death stares, to groupie spastic dancing. *Sidenote I think whoever films these awards is in love with her, the camera is on her the whooolllllleeeee time. 

I thought it should be said that the most legendary performance for the night was the collaboration of Metallica and pianist Lang Lang. A beautiful juxtaposition.

AND finally if anyone was wondering where Miley Cyrus was - at home playing guitar hero.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sunday SUN

Today my bf and I had our minds set on finally watching "The Wolf of Wall Street". However our plans proved to be third time unlucky.
We popped into a few stores at Gateway and bought a few goodies and settled for a day of Freddo's ice cream and the Wonder Market at Chris Saunders Park.
Taking a lovely stroll to the market only to find that it was over. Boo!
Oh well, we were already at the park so I played us some slow jams on my cellphone and chilled under a lovely pool of shade. (Cheesy, I knooow but it worked for me on this beautiful summer day in Durban.

Nevertheless these are the some of the items bought this weekend.

Floral summer dress- Topshop (sale): R199.99
Mary Jane ankle socks- Topshop: R59.00

What he wore.
Summer palm print tee- Mr Price: R69.99
Cobalt blue shorts- Topshop (sale): R99.99

Gift from my sister
Accessorize (sale): Price unknown (gift)
 All Accessorize stores are having a fabulous sale.

Saturday, 25 January 2014


Money in the bank people! MONEY = SHOPPING. Where did I go?? I visited Topshop, Zara and Mr Price (Gateway).
The sale at Topshop and Zara are in their final days, and only a few items can be found but only in larger sizes. However there a few smaller sizes in a beautiful black chiffon dress with orange and white tribal bead-work on the halter neckline. It also shows off an elegant low-cut back.

Mr Price you can always rely on to find the trendiest items, and plenty of it.

I bought these beautiful thangs.

 Black handbag with gold trims : R139.99

Geometric necklace: R29.99
Mutiband ring: R29.99

Friday, 24 January 2014


Every Friday my friends and I treat ourselves to an indulgent lunch somewhere in or around Durban.
This week we chose Spiga. Yes yes, I know, pasta in this heat?? A girl is allow to have an irrational craving for everything butter, cream, and a good helping of carbs.