Sunday, 2 February 2014

Saturday night life- 1 OAK

Night life in Durban is limited to the places we know, which is unfortunate in my opinion, as we boast the most beautiful weather and natural beauty in the country.
However every now and then a new hang out is opened and we all are eager to check  it out.

1 Oak is situated at the roof top above Roma Revolving Restaurant. The view as you can image is spectacular at night. The interior is chic, yet cosy. Even though the interior is all white with colour LEDs, it does not feel cold. Mini screens are placed on the interior walls, with a chic choice of Ftv.
Music played is all old school RnB and Hip Hop.  There is a small dance floor, if you want to dance you can, and if you don't there's enough seating for you to just chill with your drink.
The cover charge for the night is R100 and the wait staff is very friendly.
The only vice of this place is that it is neither a lounge nor club, so you sit there for hours, yet have nothing to eat because they don't offer any food at all.
Other than that I found 1 Oak extremely cool.
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