Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Glam Palm vs GHD

I still remember the first day a GHD went through my hair. It was a transformation like no other. My hair was straight as an arrow. No other straightener had ever given me such excellent results on my curly hair.
Years later my GHD is still going strong. It does the job, not as well as it used to, but I can leave the house with decent looking straight or curly hairstyles.
When I had first bought the GHD my demands were simple. Curls and straightening.
I needed a new straightener and was then faced with the decision : CLOUD NINE, GHD or GLAM PALM.

I had ruled out the Cloud Nine as many people I know personally had complained of faults with the iron.

A friend of mine had recommended the Glam Palm. I was skeptical at first as this brand isn't easily available at many salons. I also had not heard much on the product.  After much research I was almost convinced. However, there was still a voice at the back of my head telling me to stick to the tried and tested GHD. I then researched further by asking around and internet search and was then disappointed to find out that the GHD was no longer the quality product we all relied on. Many complained that the iron broke easily and had many factory faults.

I finally gave in and got the Glam Palm. It is amazing! The product does all that it promises. Unlike the GHD which leaves your hair looking burnt and dry, the Glam Palm leaves your hair feeling soft and shiny. The iron really does enhance hair colour.
The packiaging is chic and stylish. It also comes with a bag, clips and Tetone Film.
Straight or curly, Glam Palm is the iron for you.