Wednesday, 16 April 2014

COACHELLA 2014- Favourite looks

FOMO doesn't even begin to describe my feelings over the last few days of Coachella 2014.
It is my dream to one day be along side all the free spirited fashion and music in valley of  Colorado.
I have already mentally decided on my outfits and crew.
Sigh, but nevertheless, one can only dream and also pick out favourite looks of the festival.
This year, as many years before, has been all things hippy and ethnic, but these were the trends that stood out; short shorts, bindis, crop tops, the all seeing eye, Indian/Red Indian inspired fabrics and styling, reflective sunglasses, basketball shirts, braids, coloured ombre hair and last but not least lace.Of course our favourite celebs didn't miss a bead. Here are my favourite looks.