Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sunday SUN

Today my bf and I had our minds set on finally watching "The Wolf of Wall Street". However our plans proved to be third time unlucky.
We popped into a few stores at Gateway and bought a few goodies and settled for a day of Freddo's ice cream and the Wonder Market at Chris Saunders Park.
Taking a lovely stroll to the market only to find that it was over. Boo!
Oh well, we were already at the park so I played us some slow jams on my cellphone and chilled under a lovely pool of shade. (Cheesy, I knooow but it worked for me on this beautiful summer day in Durban.

Nevertheless these are the some of the items bought this weekend.

Floral summer dress- Topshop (sale): R199.99
Mary Jane ankle socks- Topshop: R59.00

What he wore.
Summer palm print tee- Mr Price: R69.99
Cobalt blue shorts- Topshop (sale): R99.99

Gift from my sister
Accessorize (sale): Price unknown (gift)
 All Accessorize stores are having a fabulous sale.